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Through this alone


Through this alone is it in communion with Him; and for this reason it is worthy of homage and is holy."1 As these words show, the icon is a Reebok Easytone likeness not of an animate but ofa deified prototype, that is, Reebok Shoes is an image (conventional, of course) not of corruptible flesh, but of flesh transfigured, radiant with Divine light. It is Beauty and Glory, represented by material means and visible in the icon to physical eyes. Consequently everything which reminds of die corruptible human flesh is con¬trary to the very nature of the icon, for "flesh and blood cannot inherit the Kingdom of God; neither doth cor¬ruption inherit incorruption" (i Cor. xv, 50). and jimmy choo shoes a temporal portrait ofa Reebok Easy Tone saint cannot be an icon, precise!)* because it reflects not his transfigured but his ordinary, carnal state. It is indeed diis peculunty of the icon that sets it apart from all forms of pictorial art.
So. depicting the 1 lypostasis of the incarnate God the Word, the icon testifies to the immutability and full¬ness of His Incarnation. On the other hand, by this icon wc confess diat the "Son of Man" depicted in it is truly God—res'ealed Truih. Man's striving towards God, the subjective, personal side of faith meets here
reebok zig widi God's answer to man, with res-clarion—the objective Reebok jimmy choo expe¬rienced knowledge, which man expresses in word or in image. For this reason, liturgic art is not only our offer¬ing to God, but also God's descent into our midst, one of the forms in which is accomplislicd the meeting of God with man, of grace with nature, eternity Zig Pulse with time. Forms which record this mutual interpeoetration of the Divine and the human arc handed down by Tradition and. being continually renewed, live eternally in the body of Christ, the Church. Since, like Jesus Christ. God and Man. the Church is an organism loth human and Divine, it combines Reebok in itself, induisibly, yet without confusion, two realities: the historical, earthly reality and the reality of the grace of the I loly Spirit which sanc¬tifies all tilings. The meaning of Church art, and in part¬icular of the icon, lies precisely in dut it transmits, or rather testifies visually reebok zig pulse to these two realities, the reality of God and of the manolo blahnik shoes world, of grace and of nature. It is realistic in two senses. Just like the Holy Scriptures, the icon transmits historical fact, zigtech an event from Sacred History or manolo blahnik an historical personage, depicted in his real physical form and, again like Reebok Zig Pulse easytone the Holy Scriptures, it indicates the revelation that is outside time, contained in a given historical reality. Thus, through die icon, as through the Holy Scriprurcs, we not only learn about God, but wc also know God.


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Vllth Oecumenical Council

 St. Dionysius the Arcopagite calls God Beauty "owing to the splendour He sheds jimmy choo on every being, to each in its proper measure", and also because he sees in Him "the cause of the harmony and the brilliant raiments of every creature, for He illumines all tilings, like light, by (touring out beauty from that radiant source, which wells up from Himself.'"'Thus every creature shares in Divine Beauty in its proper measure, and bears as it were the seal of us Reebok Zig Pulse Creator Yet. zigtech this seal is riot Ciod's likeness but merely * beauty belonging to the creature. It is a means, and riot the end; a way where "the invisible things of him from the creation of the world arc clearly seen, being under¬stood by the things that arc made, jimmy choo shoes even his eternal power and (iodhead . . ." (Rom. i. 20). Tlie beauty of the visible world lies not in the transitory splendour of its present state, but in the very meaning of its exis¬tence. in its coming transfiguration laid dow n manolo blahnik in it as a possibility to be realised by man. Inothcr words, beauty is holiness, and its radiance the participation of the reebok zig creature in Divine Beauty.
On the plane of human creative work, beauty is the crowning given by God. the seal of
Reebok Easy Tone the conformity of the image easytone to its prototype, Reebok of the reebok zig pulse symbol to what it represents, that is. manolo blahnik shoes to the Kingdom of the Spirit. The beauty of an icon is the beauty of the acquired likeness Reebok Easytone to God and so its value lies not in its being beautiful in itself, in its appearance as a beautiful object, but in the Reebok fact (hat it depicts Ilcauty.
As regards the relationship of the representation, the icon, with what it represents, the Fathers of the Vllth Oecumenical Council say die following, clearly in answer to the accusation of nestorianism nude by the
Reebok Shoes iconoclasts against the Orthodox. "Although the creatcd the world, teeing it aptatcd by trm pests and in danger of being engulfed in the 'place of unlikenest. took tht helm of the toul an J came to m aid. setting right all itt transgresitoni." St.Augustine says in hit.diolic Church depicts Christ in 1 lis human aspect, it does not separate His flesh from Zig Pulse the Divinity conjoined with it. On die contrary, it believes that the flesh is deified and professes it to be one with the Divinity, in accordance widi the teaching of the great Gregory the Theologian and with truth. Yet it docs not thereby make the flesh of our Lord not deified. Just as a painter who makes a portrait ofa man does not. thereby, render him inanimate, but on the contrary the man remains ani¬mate and the painting is called his portrait because of its likeness to him. so also we. in nuking an icon, confess the body of the Lord to be deified and regard the icon as nothing else dun an icon, representing a likeness of the prototype, for this reason the icon receives the name of the Lord.
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The revelation of this future

  What it is the luture of a creature; but his person, his hypostasis, by Reebok Easytone acquiring the grace of die 1 loly Spirit, by this very fact associates zigtech itself with Divine life, thus changing the very being of its creaiurcly nature. The grace of the reebok zig pulse Holy Spirit penetrates into his nature, com¬bines with it. fills and transfigures it. Man grows, as it were, into the eternal life, already hs're on earth acqui¬ring the beginning of this life, the beginning of dei¬fication, which will be nude fully manifest ui the life to come.
The revelation of this future transfigured corporality is SIMIWII to us in (he Transfiguration of our Lord on Mount Tabor "And was transfigured before them.
manolo blahnik shoes and his fact- did shine as lhe sun, and jimmy choo shoes his raiment was white as the light" (Matt, xvii, 2». In other word the whole body of the b>rd was transfigured, becoming as it were a radiant manolo blahnik raiment of the Deity. "AN regards the character of jimmy choo the Transfiguration", say the Fathers of the Vllth Oecumenical Council, referring to St Athanasius the Great, "it was not that easytone the VC'otd laid aside His human form, but rather thar the latter was illumined by His glory."1 Thus in the Transfiguration "on Mount Tabor not only does the Deity appear to men. but manhood appears in Divine glory."- A man w ht> has acquired the grace of the Holy Spirit becomes a participant Zig Pulse of this Divine Reebok Easy Tone glory, this "uncrcatcd and Disine radiance ", as St. Gregory Pajamas' called the light of Mount Tabor In other words, uniting with the Deny, lie bctomcs illumined by His uncreatcd light, thus assuming the likeness of the radiant body of Christ. St. Simeon the New Theologian describes his personal experience of this inner illumination in the following words, amongst Reebok others: "Having become all fire in his reebok zig soul, he Reebok (man) transmits the inner radiancegained by him also to the body, just as physical fire transmits its elicit to iron."1 Reebok Shoes However, as iron is not transformed into fire but remains iron, merely becoming purified, so here the entire human nature becximes transfigured but nothing in it is destroyed or taken away. On lhe contrary. being purified of extraneous, foreign and sinful elements, it becomes spiritualised and illumined So it can be said that a saint is more truly a man than is a sinner, Reebok Zig Pulse since, by reassuming likeness to God. he achieves the original purpose of his being, is clorhcd in the incorruptible Bcaui) of the Kingdom of liod where God King¬dom attnbuteof an but creature, bclonging beauty it, understands Church Orthodox Therefore, life. his participates creation.
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Man enters into the design


Man enters into the design of the Holy Reebok Trinity concerning him and creates his likeness tis Cod, insofar Reebok Zig Pulse as is possible for hnn, "for the exprcssisin 'according to likeness' means Reebok likeness to God reebok zig pulse in virtues (perfections)"in this way participating in the work of Divine creation.
Tints, if the Divine
jimmy choo I Jypostasis of the Son of God became Man, our case is the reverse: man can become god. not by nature, but by grace. God descends in be¬coming Man; easytone man ascends in Zig Pulse becoming geid. reebok zig Assuming the likeness of Christ, he becomes "the temple of the Holy Ghost" which is in him (l Cor. vi. 19). re¬establishes his likeness to God.11 luman nature remains
Discourse in Detcnce of tl>e Holy Icons.
Reebok Easy Tone "s vile J image" i» ihc CMM of ks Old Testament. Reebok Shoes Tlie loss e>f tlie likeness of God in die FJI dittotted itie jimmy choo shoes linage of God MI nun anJ the rtpfcvnudou «fikb disionevl image i Desirably led to idxiany. In strict convvjaoKe, the cult inures of (IK OU Testament cos J J only he such symbols as die rod. ilte g>*ldcri pot (lleh. in.4). etc, i.e. the ton of the won. foe they alone could he nru-cs of the future* fulfilment of the ptotnite in ihc Nesv rcstamcr.r The only exception were the imifcs of chcrubims. miJc according to 1 ~>l's CSMsinitiJ (I *. nr,ll-n) » of beings already nnb'jtVJ in their service '*f G«vl Moreover, their images «ti( illnwcJ only- in * pUe atil po«io-xi zigtech cmff the atk of testimony). CucntiiHy, this manolo blahnik cxccf.ion annulled dv l-rolnbiiMas. since it pvc it t toiiJiuonal pedagogical meaning. It a Jimtcel in fcuK.fle manolo blahnik shoes the possibility e»f the suli im*pe on tlu ctv h-srj ind of representing the ipsr-.tusl seotld by maaof attsn the other.
St.JesSn Damascus. 1-sf.nition of the Orthodox Faith. |I II. c. 11, Oi Man. P.K. 91. col. 9i.1l!
This it ihc of ion e>f the Ouch Slavonic term fttfedfin/ (literally "very likc">, used with ccfcicn.c to die Monastic type of suxrity. This woeJ. created in the tune of Sr.Cynl and St MethoLus to transitic the Greek word mlcaio that A inin his mi|u:kJ die ion likeness
Reebok Easytone to Cod. It has no to the drttinularity brtWNS the wodj and Hi idea. Sr. Atiiattisiut the Creat eit.t il ilicajy iu the ChliillMi.


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Divine dispenurion

  So in the eyes of the Church the denial of the icon of Christ appears as a denial of the truth and immutability of the fact of His manolo blahnik shoes becoming nun and therefore of the whole Divine dispenurion. Defending the icon in the period of iconoclasm. the Church was no: Reebok Easytone defending merely its educational role, and, still less, its aesthetic value; it was fighting for the very foundations of the Christian faidt. the visible testi¬mony of Cod become man, as the basis of our sals-ation. "I have Ken the human image of God. and my soul reebok zig pulse is saved" says St. John of Damascus.1 Such an under¬standing of the icon explains the Steadfastness ansl in¬transigence with Reebok Shoes which its defenders faced torture and death in the period of iconoclasm.
If the first part of the Kontakion of the Sunday of the Triumph of Orthodoxy formulites the dogmatic basis of the icon, its second part, as we have said, by revealing the essence of the Divine dispensation—the fulfilment of God's design concerning nun—at the same time re¬veals also
jimmy choo shoes the manolo blahnik meaning ami significance of the icon.
The Divine Person of Jesus Christ, Who possessed all the fullness of Divine life,
zigtech and easytone Who at the same time became perfect Man (i.e. man in all things but sin), not only re-establishes in its original purity the image of Cod defiled by Reebok man in his fall ("having refashioned the soiled image to its former estate")4* but also conjoins the Reebok Easy Tone human nature assumed by Hun with the Divine life— "suffused it with Divine beauty". The Fathers of the Reebok Zig Pulse Vllth Oecumenical Council say. "He (God) recreated him (man) into immortality by giving him this inalien¬able gift. This recreation was more tn God's likeness and better than the first creation—this gift is eternal"3, the Zig Pulse gift ofcommunion with theDivinebs-auty and glory. Christ, the new Adam, the beginning of the new creature —tlie heavenly man bearing the 1 loly Spirit within him—brings nun ti» that aim for svhich tlie first Adam was created and from which he turned away through his fall; He brings him to the fulfilment of the design of the Holy Trinity concerning him: "Let us make man according to our image and likeness" (Gen. i. 26). Ac¬cording to this design, nun should be not only an image of Cod, his Cre-ator, but should also bear His likeness. Yet in the description of jimmy choo d:c accomplished act of creation "And God made man, according to the image of Cod he nude him" (Gen. i. 27). nothing is said about like¬ness. It is given to nuti as a task, to be fulfilled by the action of the grace of the Holy Spirit, with the free participitkm reebok zig of man himself. Freely and consciously, "since the expression 'according to the image' indicates capacity of mind Reebok and freedom".
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